Trader who claimed SARS pushed him off two-storey building lied – Police witness

Sergent Hamza Haruna, a police officer has said that claims of Mr Ndukawe Ekweke, a petitioner at the Lagos judicial panel are all false.

Mr. Ndukwe Ekweke previously narrated to the panel how he was unlawfully arrested by police officers at his shop in Alaba, brutalized by them, and then thrown off a two-storey building.

Ndukwe said ever since, he has been confined to a wheelchair as he broke his spine and now wears a diaper.

However, after several adjournments to bring a witness by the police counsel, Sergent Hamza Haruna appeared before the panel on Tuesday.

Sergent Hamza in his testimony said that Ndukwe was not pushed off any two-storey building, rather he jumped off to escape from them despite being in handcuffs.

According to Hamza who lead the operation to where Ndukwe allegedly jumped, Ndukwe was arrested after intelligent report he and some other people buggle people’s warehouses and offices to cart away items.

Hamza contrary to Ndukwe’s claims said his statement was collected under caution and he confessed to them he had stolen properties but denied having any form of arm or ammunition.

The Police Sergent said stolen electronics and phone accesories were recovered from his shop. Hamzat narrated that when they tried searching his other shops forcefully, he jumped off the building trying to escape.

According to Sergent Hamza and the police counsel, video evidences are available for the panel to watch and confirm what really happened.

Police lawyer, Cyril Ejiofor, tendered the evidence in a VCD for the panel to watch, however, retired Justice Doris Okuwobi had to adjourn the hearing for the final time.

The retired Justice adjourned hearing because the panel does not have the faciity to play the video evidence tendered in a VCD. She adjourned until Friday, 18 Dec for the evidence to be tendered in a flash drive so the panel can watch and give their rulling on the case.

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