“There are 7 or more crimes committed by adults in CCTV footage of Baba Ijesha's child molestation - Yomi Fabiyi continues his rants

Baba Ijesha's colleague, Yomi Fabiyi has continued his rant over the accusations leveled against Baba Ijesha for allegedly defiling a girl at 7 and returning to molest her at 14.

He says the adults that set Baba Ijesha up just for there to be evidence to prosecute him also committed offences under the law.

Below is how Yomi has continued to rant over the allegations against his friend and colleague.

“Any Human Rights NGO, Lawyer, Social Worker, Diplomat, Government Representative, Police, Member of the Bench, Informed Adult etc that see SEXUAL ASSAULT by Baba ljesha but didn’t see over 7 or more Serious crimes committed by other adults in the cctv against the child and laws of Nigeria is a tragedy to honest justice system, they are uninformed, bias and a threat to peace.

A fight and peaceful protest for full enforcement of the child protection laws, protection of fundamental rights is a battle for the soul of this country. We all MUST seek justice for the child and stand by equal rights and justice. Human Rights violation of any form is A THREAT TO PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT in Nigeria.” IB

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