OAP Lolo give THANKS to God as she and her children survive accident

Nigerian On-air-personality and actress, Omotunde Adebowale-David-Lolo has expressed gratitude to God after she and her children escaped death in a car crash.

Lolo revealed on her Instagram page that the incident happened yesterday but none of her children or herself sustained any injuries.

According to her, she was shaking as a result of the incident because this was an experience she has never had before, however she is grateful to God for preserving her life and that of her family.

Sharing photo of the damaged car, she wrote;

“I have never really been in a serious accident in my life so you can imagine how badly shaken I was yesterday when my treasures came out with scrapes and bruises i was just grateful

But im thankful for the joy of God’s preservation….when you go out and come back home safe please thank God specially

Nothing broken

Nothing missing

Thank you Jesus”

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