My tribal marks, advantage to my career – Aderupoko

Veteran actor, Kayode Olaiya, popularly known as Aderupoko, says that having tribal marks is not shameful, but is rather an advantage to his acting career.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Aderupoko said, “There is nothing I can do about my tribal marks. I was born with them. Whatever I possess, I try to use it to my advantage.

"There are some actors that act like they are disabled or have adopted some traits just to stand out. Having tribal marks is not shameful, because God created everyone well. What causes depression for some people is if they are turned down because of a physical feature. On the other hand, some companies use me for their adverts to depict a Yoruba man because of my tribal marks.”

The actor also maintained that he was in tune with recent technologies in film making. He said, “When one has been active in a field, one will also adapt to any evolving technology. There is an adage that says, ‘If you cannot beat them, you have to join them’. One must also endeavour to attend courses. Most of the movies I did in the past that were recorded on video cassettes cannot be viewed anymore because filmmaking has evolved. I also have to upgrade myself as an actor.”

Aderupoko, who has been in the movie industry for 55 years, also stated that even though he was once bothered about his inability to get a visa, he now travels overseas often to visit his children.

“On the issue of being denied a visa in the past, I am not even interested anymore. I am okay with my stay in Nigeria. My children are there (overseas) and they invite me from time to time. I go there to visit and spend some weeks with them. With my age, I’m not bothered about having visa to any country.”

Revealing the secret of his good health, the actor said, “Good health is from God. It is not that I am more fervent in prayers than my age mates or that I’m using particular drugs that have been keeping my body strong or agile. I am also not on any special diet. I have simply enjoyed the mercies of God.”

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