Man brutally beaten up by s.e.x workers for failing to pay for services dies in hospital

A youthful man from Bombolulu in Mombasa County, Kenya who was on Sunday morning attacked by commercial s.e.x workers, has died in hospital.

The man, whose identity is yet to be communicated, died while receiving treatment at the Kilifi County Hospital, Bombolulu Chief Bernard Ogolla told K24 Digital.

The man was alleged to have sought the services of one of the commercial s.e.x workers in Bombolulu, but failed to pay for the services rendered all night.

According to witnesses, the man booked a lodging in Bombolulu Saturday night and hired a s.e.x worker for the night.

“In the morning, the client refused to pay the twilight girl her dues, forcing the sex worker to alert her colleagues,” said one of the eye witnesses.

Area chief, Bernard Omollo, told K24 Digital that the s.e.x worker reached her colleagues on phone.

“The women, who were over ten in number, arrived at the lodging and attacked the defaulting client. Some of the girls smashed a beer bottle against the man’s face, vowing to kill him if he won’t pay their colleague her dues,” said Chief Omollo.

On sensing that the man’s life was in danger, given he was bleeding profusely, the women fled the scene.

Some of the s.e.x workers, who had spoken to K24 Digital, said the man had developed a habit of “using” them the whole night, and then chasing them away thereafter without paying them even a coin.

“We wanted to teach him a lesson,” said one of the sex workers.

Police from Nyali arrived at the scene and took the man to the Coast Provincial General Hospital, but was turned away due to the ongoing nurses’ strike.

The man’s family, thereafter, rushed him to Kilifi Hospital, where he died after a one-day admission.

Police said they were waiting for the patient to recover so that they could record his statement and, thereafter, take appropriate action against his attackers.

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