Lady cries, swears she won't take off her clothes after smiling Erica's perfume on it [Issa video]

I am sorry, I still don't understand this craze, and I don't think I will ever.

Honestly, stories like this do not excite me, as they would never make it here, but some of you would complain and say; ''have you seen the video of that lady crying over Erica''? So, its a win win, the ones I like would come up, the ones you like would come up too, lol.

So this lady was part of those who welcomed Erica when she went home -- Abia State.

She was lucky to have had a feel of the ex-reality star turned brands ambassador and swore she won't be pulling off her clothes. According to the lady, she smelt Erica's perfume on her long after she left and she won't be pulling her clothes oo, lol. Watch the video of her ''show'' below...

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