Kiddwaya quickly reacts as Kim Oprah insinuates Erica might be pregnant for him

Lol Kiddwaya is not ready to become a dad and has quickly warned his fellow BBN star, Kim Oprah not to start that ''shit'', lol.

Yesterday was Kim's birthday and Erica dropped her a teasing message. Kim then jumped on it asking Erica if she doesn't deserve a break even when she knows it's her birthday and said, she hopes the little addition to her tummy is just weight and not little Kiddwaya.

Instead of Erica replying, Kiddwaya did that, lol.

Kim had written; “You have started oh! It’s my birthday Erica, don’t I get a Break …… Thank you Star Girl for the love , that Tummy I see hope it’s just weight or not Baby Kid … see you tonight”. Continue

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