I have no plan to leave Woli Agba –Dele

Olamide Oladimeji, popularly known as Dele, is a social media comedian with over 453,000 followers, who he often appears in skits with his colleague, Woli Agba. 

He tells Tofarati Ige about his career and other issues

Excerpt below..

How did you start your social media comedy career?

It started way back with a ministry called Christ Chosen Vessel Dance and Drama Ministry, popularly known as Alfa Sule. God gave me the gift of playing drums and I love it so much. Back then, I usually moved around looking for posters of upcoming events that I could attend.

 On one fateful day in 2005, I went for a concert and I saw members of the Alfa Sule group, who were invited to perform at the event. I then walked up to a friend of mine who was a member of the ministry and asked him how they operated because I wanted to join them. I then joined them and over time, I got closer to Woli Agba (Ayo Ajewole), who I love so much. Everybody knows he has the gift of singing and since I had the gift of playing drums, whenever he was going for ministrations, I always followed him. 

However, it was not until about 2016 that he started his skits. I recall that on that day, members of the group were busy as we were going for a programme. He just came in and showed us a video on his phone, saying he had an idea. After our ministration, I called and told him I loved the skit he showed us on his phone earlier and that whenever he wanted to do anything like that, he should call me.

 Two days later, my mum sent me on an errand and I was on a motorcycle when he called me and said he had an idea. I immediately turned back to go and meet him, and we did the skit. That was how we made our first skit. 

In that particular skit, I assisted him with his luggage and when we got to his house, I waited for some time. When he came out after some time and saw me, he said he would have given me some money but he did not have loose change. I then told him to bring the money, that I would get loose change.

However, the skit that made me popular as ‘Dele’ was the one where I took a dog to the church to be a guard. In the course of telling me that he didn’t want the dog, he called me ‘Dele’, and that was how the name stuck.

Do you have plans to do solo skits?

Not really. For now, I am okay with Woli Agba. I have been working with him since 2005 and there have been no issues. Once God has destined two people to be together, it is better left that way. Some people call and tell me I am the one making the skits interesting.

 But, I don’t pay attention to them. I don’t allow myself to be distracted by things like that. I know where we are coming from and what I’ve gained from our association.

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