‘I am a very romantic person’ – Rapper Chinko Ekun

Rapper Oladipo Olamide Emmanuel, professionally called Chinko Ekun has disclosed that he is a very romantic person.

The rapper said in an interview with Punch that he loves truely and care a lot whenever he is in love. “The romantic side of me is that I care a lot. When I say, I love someone, I really mean it.

Chinko Ekun also noted that he tries to be extravagant with his lover even though he does not have several millions to give. He says he shares whatever he has with love.

“I also try my best to be very extravagant with the woman I love. I may not have N100m to dole out right now but I share whatever I have with love.

The Able God singer said he also loves calling his lover and would practically wear off the lady with calls. The rapper said his lover would also never go hungry with him as he likes food a lot and would spoil his lover with food.

Chinko Ekun revealed that he does not have any kids yet owing to the fact that there is still a lot left for him to achieve and there is a standard of living he wants for his unborn children.

He said, “One of the reasons I have yet to be a baby daddy is because I have a lot of goals that I have yet to achieve. Although I am comfortable, there is a standard of living I want for my kids.

He revealed that he wants his kids to go to the best school round as he never suffered while growing up, hence he is trying to raise the standard for his kids.

Chinko Ekun also noted that his focus would have to shift which he is not ready for yet psychologically. He said when his wife is also pregnant, he would not want to stress her and want to be here for her but he does not have the time for thaat yet owing to his husstle.

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