COVID-19 is lie from pit of hell, I have zero regard for it-Oyedepo

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (also known as Winners Chapel), David Oyedepo, has stated that COVID-19 is not real but rather a lie from the pit of hell.

He made this assertion during a sermon on the second day of this year's Shiloh, an annual gathering of members of the Living Faith Church held in December.

The Bishop told his congregation that they only fell victims to what they feared. 

He said, "We were making progress; instead of blaming COVID-19, we started planting churches, so COVID-19 was tired and (got) parked away. We made a nonsense of the COVID-19 here. I have zero regards for it; it is a lie from the pit of hell."

He said that the so-called symptoms of COVID-19 were everyday symptoms, hence cases classified as COVID-19 cases were unreal. 

He said, "Somebody has a temperature and then (they say) he has COVID-19. Everybody here has a temperature. You can't be in the tropics and not have a temperature. 

"I have never seen an entire world so fooled like this season. I'm a responsible citizen on this earth with millions of followers and being blessed. I have a say. Now the nations gather themselves and rethink, one virus sent you packing, what if they're two? What if they're three? Then you will die inside your house. 

"Most of those figures, they hide under the fact that they're COVID-19 related. Malaria, COVID-19 related, Typhoid fever, COVID-19 related. Kidney problem, COVID-19 related. So they keep building their profile, profile of deception."

He claimed that a bottle of his anointing oil was enough to take away any of the symptoms of COVID-19 more than any vaccine.

 "Somebody came to me recently in one of the events I was in, he said, 'sir, can I take pictures with you?' I said, 'remove that mask on your face, are you a masquerade?'"

The Bishop compared COVID-19 to a graven image that is only real for those who believe it exists. 

"This graven image, I refuse to bow to it. Is COVID-19 real? Yes and no. Those who believe in it, it's real to them, those who don't believe in it, it's not real," he said. 

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