24 year-old Instagram star dies in pals arms after anorexia battle

A German Instagram influencer has died of heart failure just days after sharing her anorexia battle on her social media platform.

Josi Maria, 24, from Kiel in north Germany, lost her battle with the disease while on holiday to Gran Canaria with pals.

It has been reported that she fell asleep in her friend's arms after getting to the Spanish islands and "never woke up", according to German news website DE24.

Before her death she had tragically voiced her fears about losing her life to the debilitating disease.

On her Instagram, she posted: "I don't want to be one in 10 who die from anorexia.

Josi spoke about her battle throughout the years with anorexia openly on her social media accounts.

She said: "Anorexia is not a matter of weight, but of the head!

"That it is not always just the will to be thin, but that there is much more to it: performance, confirmation, control.

"And that it is an uphill battle to go against it, to gain weight, to find joy in life again."

After her untimely death, her mother led the tributes by commenting underneath one of Josi's last Instagram posts.'

She wrote: "You were an angel on earth.

"For your fight against this serious illness, we admired you to the last and still had to watch helplessly as you lost this fight."

Her parents posted a heartbreaking tribute online after the passing of their daughter.

With her mum commenting: "My heart aches endlessly. The day before I held you, dear Josi, in my arms, we went shopping and you are looking forward to Christmas and your vacation.

"The following night you fell asleep peacefully in your girlfriend's arms on Gran Canaria. Your little heart just stopped beating."

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