Mum 'kills her 3 year-old son before dumping his body in plastic bag filled with toys'

A mother murdered her three-year-old son and put his tiny body in a plastic bag along with the child's toys, it is claimed.

She then attempted to kill herself after taking his life, reports suggest.

Caroline Carrilho Correia, 29, told emergency responders she had killed her son at highway on the border between Curitiba and Campo Largo, Brazil, on Tuesday.

She was found on the banks of a nearby river where she had injured herself in an apparent suicide attempt.

The suspect then confessed that she had killed son, Isaac Carrilho Barbosa, and abandoned the body in the nearby woods, it is reported.

The tiny body in the bag filled with his toys was found a short while later.

No motive was given for the killing but there were suggestions that the mother felt neglected because her husband lavished so much attention on the child, reports in Brazil claim.

She was arrested and charged with murder after being sent to hospital where she had surgery.

Investigators are looking into where and when the child died but currently believe he died of strangulation.

Correia's lawyer, Igor Jose Ogar, told Extra: "She is hospitalized and sedated. The doctors have said she is not in a state to speak to detectives or myself.

"She still needs to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and we will ask the courts for that."

The child's father, who lived with them and had been married to Correia for eight years was seen at the hospital to identify his son's body.

He later went to the police station to speak with investigators but was too emotional and shaken to give an interview.

Police chief Nasser Salmen said: “[The father] was here to get the autopsy guide. 

"I was going to collect his testimony, but it turns out he was so emotionally shaken with grief in such a sad moment. I asked him to come here and give his testimony at a more opportune moment.”

"I thought about seizing his cell phone, but he kept staring at the device and cried all the time looking at the pictures of the child."

The couple had been living together and were living a normal family life at the time of the murder.

It is not known if he has filed for divorce against his wife, who is believed to have mental health issues.

Correia was discharged from hospital later in the week and interrogated by police to whom she confessed killing the child, however would not give a motive, according to Bandab News.

The investigation is ongoing and an autopsy is pending.

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