Oh dear! Another man who walked by as woman is r-ped says 'I want to join in'

Two tourists have been arrested in Majorca on suspicion of r-ping a young German woman on a beach in Playa de Palma.

The woman, believed to be 20, said she managed to escape the suspects, a 32-year-old German and 21-year-old Afghan, by running into the sea half-naked on Sunday.

Police officers on the look-out for pickpockets on the beach heard the woman shouting for help at around 4.45am and arrested the men within minutes.

She claimed she was being r-ped by the German man when the second man, who happened to be walking past, said he wanted to join in.

Last week, the Civil Guard of Calvià arrested a young Frenchman for the alleged r-pe of a British tourist on the beach of Magaluf. The suspect was staying with a group of friends in the same hotel as the injured party.

The day afterwards, more than 50 people took part in a protest rally organised by the Feminist Movement of Mallorca. The group said it chose the coastal area of Calvia because of 'the conflicts arising because of excessive tourism'.

Police are concerned that young girls who have drunk too much are being taken advantage of, either suffering s-xual assaults or thefts.

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