Man kills friend who lost ram fight bet in Lagos

A man, identified simply as Segun, has been arrested by the police for allegedly stabbing his friend, Yusuf, who lost a ram fight bet, to death in the Isawo area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Punch Metro gathered that a disagreement ensued between the friends after Segun won a N500 bet he placed on his ram on Sunday.

Yusuf reportedly attacked Segun with a broken bottle A resident of the area, Kizito Isibor, said Segun stabbed Yusuf with a knife in self-defence, which led to his death.

He stated, “The incident happened on Tapa Road in the Oke Oko area of Isawo  in Ikorodu around 11am on Sunday. Yusuf and Segun both live on the same street and are friends.

“Segun placed a bet of N500 on his ram against the other man’s ram and his ram won. Later, an argument ensued between Segun and Yusuf. They both engaged in a fist fight and people around intervened in the matter.

“They then decided to go to another venue to continue the fight. On their way to the venue, Yusuf punched Segun and wanted to stab him with a broken bottle, but in an attempt to defend himself, Segun brought out a knife and stabbed Yusuf in the chest.”

Isibor said Segun was caught and handed over to the police, while Yusuf’s corpse was taken to the police station.

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