Incredible! Obese mom who didn't want to 'embarrass' her son on his wedding day drastically goes from size 26 to 10

A mother has revealed how she shed half her body weight, to ensure she wouldn't embarrass her son on his wedding day.

Clare Howard, 48, from Waun Wen in Swansea, had always battled with her weight, but when her son, Luke, announced he was getting married, she didn't want to weigh almost 22 stone on the big day.

She decided to join Slimming World, and by cooking healthier versions of her favourite foods, she's shed 11 stone and has gone from a size 26 to a size 10.

It's meant the former karate enthusiast has been able to take up her favourite sport again, and she now exercises seven days a week.

The mother managed to hit her weight loss target after joining Slimming World classes in Cwmbwrla, Wales.

Speaking about her journey, she said: 'It started because my son was getting married and I didn't want to embarrass him because I was so big.

'By the time he got married in November I had lost six stone and four pounds and when they put the photos up everyone said about how amazing I looked and my son was proud.

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