Drivers could soon face £1,000 fine for using hands-free phones at the wheel

Drivers could soon be banned from using hands-free devices at the wheel, MPs have warned.

It comes amid fears the kits are giving them a "misleading impression" of safety on the road - and could mean three points on your licence if you're caught using one .

That's according to a new Transport Select Committee report that's warned using the devices - which allow drivers to use their phones at the wheel - pose "the same risks of a collision".

If enforced, it would mean drivers face the same punishment as using their actual phones at the wheel - currently three points on your licence and a fine of up to £1,000.

The cross-party committee acknowledged that there would be practical challenges to criminalising hands-free phone use and enforcing the offence, but insisted "this does not mean that we should not do it".

It recommended that the Government should explore options for extending the current ban on hand-held mobiles and publish a public consultation on the issue by the end of 2019.

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