KSolo tackles Seyi Shay over ‘harsh’ comments on Nigerian Idol

Music producer, Solomon Oyeniyi, aka KSolo, has lambasted singer, Seyi Shay, for harsh comments to a young singer at this year’s audition of the television reality show, Nigerian Idol.

Seyi Shay had told the singer, “Somebody lied to you and told you to come and audition, and that person, you should go back and tell them they’re not your friends because that was not good audition.

“Oh, you have a good talking voice, and it comes out in your singing voice, but your performance, terrible. You’re never going to make money being a singer.”

Her comments had sparked various diverse reactions on social media.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, KSolo was of the view that Seyi Shay’s career and attitude to music needed evaluation.

“Imagine someone that her music needs evaluation evaluating another person. She is still a work in progress herself. The hypocrisy in the industry is so bad. There are people who have made ‘legends’, yet they are not on that seat. It is a slap on the music industry’s face. What she said was so bad.

“If an artiste like Small Doctor goes for the Nigerian Idol audition, I am sure he would not be chosen. There are a lot of things attached to music beyond the voice. The craft is also important. Some people can sing in a vocal booth, but when you put them on a stage, they cannot sing. What criteria do the judges even use to select?”

The talented beat maker also maintained that there was a lot of hypocrisy in the music industry. He added, “There is a lot of deceitfulness and hypocrisy in the music industry. Few of us that stand our ground are being given names. To get yourself to the limelight is easy when you have money. 

However, when you get there, it’s time for you to rebrand and fix yourself and your craft. But, a lot of people are not doing it. Because of the money on the table, the deceitfulness is so loud.”

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