Beyonce sparks Photoshop speculation as fans spot major clue on stairs

Superstar Beyonce's fans are convinced she's edited her latest Instagram offering after they pointed out some warped-looking stairs in the background.

The 39-year-old singer has been very active on her social media page in recent days, which her 172 million followers have been excited about.

However, some people suggested Beyonce's latest snap had been altered ever so slightly, as the stairs to the right of her tiny waist appeared to look manipulated, suggesting she has cinched in her physique.

In the comments section, one person wrote: "Those look like stairs in some type of stadium....."

Another asked: "How do you make a phone selfie look like it was taken by a professional cameraman?" suggesting she had tweaked the stunning image.

And another put it down to her lighting and angles, adding: "All you need is good lighting and shoot with the main camera preferably a new model iPhone like the 12 pro or a galaxy s21 ultra and you'll get the same results."

But a third person defended the star, writing: "You have to be Beyonce."

And other fans of the songstress were begging her to upload some more glamorous snaps to continue with her Instagram spree, with one asking: "Where's the rest of the pics?!"

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