UK man breaks hilarious record for fastest time to drink a Capri Sun, admits lockdown pushed him to it

A British man has broken a Guinness World Record that even he admits is “stupid” -- the fastest time to drink a Capri Sun.

Declan Evans gulped the juice down in a record 16.65 seconds on Aug. 27 during the coronavirus lockdown last summer, according to Guinness, which noted that “Capri Suns remind Declan of his childhood, so he wanted to try and break a record with the drink.”

The 20-year-old, who lives in Lincoln and is a third-year forensic science student at De Montfort University in Leicester, recently told local media that he attempted the record to quell his boredom during the pandemic lockdown.

“It is a stupid record to hold, but that is the fun of the Guinness World Records,” Evans told The Lincolnite.

“I think it will definitely get beaten. I wouldn’t say it was that fast. It is a silly record anyone can try, but I am proud to have it and it is still a world record,” he said, adding, “Once I achieved it, it was quite rewarding and I want to try more records in the future.”

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