‘Stop having babies for men until you are married to them'' – Romangoddess tells fellow women

Romangoddess has taking to social media to talk some sense into her fellow women, reminding them that a child can't keep a man.

She made the revelation on her Instagram page.

She says it's time women give themselves brain and know that having a child for a man won;t make him still marry them. She said a woman should only be ready to give birth for a man when the man has done the needful by making it legal. Her post reads;

“The biggest mistake women make is thinking because a man engaged them, if they have a baby he’ll still marry them.

Stop having babies for men until they do the needful by signing the dotted line!! Except u just want to sha!!! See finish go enter am and he might still not marry u with that engagement ring o!! These present day men are all moving mad!!!

Women need to start using their head!!!”

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