Nina Ivy’s husband buys a Range Rover for her [photos]

You know she is no longer in the race for endorsements or to be desperately seen ever since she got married. Some people blamed her for jumping into marriage fast, considering the fame was fresh and again, she is still young, but Nina saw what most of them didn't see. She is also not losing.

As others are hustling to buy their SUVs, Nina is at home taking care of her child and husband and also getting the bucks too.

She just unveiled her new range rover saying it's a gift from hubby. Now tell us she is not working too, lol.

“It’s good when you follow your dreams.And even better when you drive your dreams …

Thanks Hubby for my new baby 💋💋💋 #RangeRover #mybigdaddy #mybabygotmeababy #waytooblessed”, she captioned her post.

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