Landlady’s son vows to kill tenant for insulting his mother

A man, Peter Samuel, has threatened to kill Mrs Mabel Tokunbo, a resident in his mother’s house for allegedly insulting his mother.

Samuel threatened to take Tokunbo’s life for allegedly insulting his mother and disturbing the peace in the compound.

A human rights organisation, Marshall Belt of Investigation Human Rights, told SaharaReporters on Monday that the distress call was received by Tokunbo about a threat to her life on Friday.

“On Friday, at about 8:30 pm, we received a disturbing voice note from Mrs Mabel Tokunbo about how her landlady’s son, Mr Peter Samuel, threatened to kill her and that nothing would happen.

A threat to life is a serious crime that needs not be taken lightly,” an official of the organisation, Mr Chris Mburu, said.

“On Saturday, the team visited the place at 34, Michael Awoliyi Street, Meiran Road and talked to Tokunbo and Samuel.

“Samuel tried to justify his actions by saying Tokunbo was vicious to his mother and other residents in the compound.

“We are able to let him know there are grave consequences for that threat, because a threat to human life is a serious matter under the law.

“Mr. Samuel was not arrested because his mother begged and that such a thing would not repeat itself.”

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