In Nigeria, people are abducted by terrorists, in Uganda, people are abducted by Government... #BringBackAfricans - Bobi Wine says

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine, has reacted to the fresh abduction of Nigerian school girls. Recall over 300 students in the early hours of friday were abducted from their school hostels in Zamfara.

Bobi while reacting to the abduction says it's becoming too many.

He says in Nigeria terrorists are the ones abducting, while in his country Uganda -- where he almost won the Presidential election - the Government are the ones doing the abduction.

He therefore called on leaders to Bring Back Africans.

Reacting hours ago, Bobi on twitter wrote;

''In Nigeria, people are being abducted by a terrorist group while in Uganda, people are being abducted by the government. 


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