Diesel Saver that will reduce your spending on diesel by 50% now in Nigeria

One of the world's best Diesel Saving liquid is now in Nigeria. Known as Excellent Diesel Saver - it takes care of Generator, Truck and Luxurious Bus engine in ways that eliminate smoke, reduce noise and vibration, ensure total lubrication of all engine parts and, most importantly, instantly reduce the amount you spend on Diesel by 50%. 

What this means is that; 

If you add it to 200 Liters of Diesel in a generator or vehicle, it will instantly boost your Diesel by EXTRA 100 liters. 

Our product is already being used by Drivers of more than 20 reputable inter-state transportation companies across Nigeria, departmental stores and private/public organizations.

Any day you use the Excellent Diesel Saver on your Generator, Truck or Luxurious Bus, you will start seeing your result of 50% reduction in Diesel consumption and improvement on your engine operation immediately.

Excellent Diesel Saver is VERY SAFE without any negative side effect. It is marketed exclusively in Nigeria by; K.D. Productions Limited.

Each bottle will serve you for one month. We offer FREE delivery in Lagos and all other states in Nigeria.

To buy a bottle of Excellent Diesel Saver, contact the CEO on phone: 


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