Condom, only REALISTIC measure of ending HIV by 2030

A medical practitioner, Dr. Kema Onu, says the proper and continuous use of condoms is the only realistic measure to end HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) by 2030.

Mr. Onu, who leads the Abuja chapter of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) spoke at an event to mark the 2021 International Condom Day (ICD) on Saturday.

He said that HIV had been in existence since 1986 with attendant damages.

“In medicine, condom is the only realistic measure to prevent HIV/AIDS and STIs when people consistently and correctly use it.

“Condoms are always in fashion, let us continue to use them in the correct way.”

“Testing is also a very important component in reducing HIV/AIDS,’’ Mr. Onu told NAN.

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