Woman commits suicide after spreading Covid-19 to her daughter and husband

A Japanese mother who tested positive for the coronavirus has killed herself at her home after she felt sorry for causing trouble for her family, reports say.

The woman, aged in her 30s, was found dead last Friday in her Tokyo apartment where she was self-isolating after contracting Covid-19.

In a note she left behind, the parent wrote that ‘it is inexcusable that I have become a nuisance,’ and blamed herself for her daughter catching the virus.

The Japanese woman lived with her husband and daughter who have both tested positive for the disease, according to local media citing sources.

Despite having no symptoms, the Japanese mother expressed her worries in her note that she may have passed her infection to people she knew.

She also said that she felt sorry for causing trouble for people around her.

'It is inexcusable that I have become a nuisance,' the woman wrote.

Health experts have called for necessary mental care for the people who self-isolate at home during the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than two million people worldwide.

Ueda Michiko, an associate professor studying suicide at Waseda University, told NHK that many people feel pressured when they get infected for the virus as they think that they might spread the virus or cause trouble for others.

‘There is also the fact that you are restricted from interacting with others, which may mentally drive you into a corner,’ Michiko said.

‘We need a system that understands how to care for them.’

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