Kamala Harris appears on Vogue February Edition... but Americans aren't pleased

Kamala Harris is Vogue’s new cover girl.

The vice president-elect appears on the February front of the fashion bible in a set of her own duds -- a brown Donald Deal jacket, black jeans and black Converse sneakers -- which a flood of fans gripes is far from worthy of her office.

“Kamala is our FIRST EVER WOMAN VICE PRESIDENT!” a person wrote on Vogue’s Instagram account.

“PLEASE DO HER JUSTICE and REDO this cover! Put her in a background that is regal like she is! Your old drape from the CEO’s office is insulting”, a reader mentioned.

Another reader wrote. “Love that she’s on the cover but why this one?! Y’all could’ve done WAYYYY BETTER.”

New York magazine contributor Yashar Ali further stirred up controversy when he tweeted that a source “familiar with publication plans” told him the photo -- a full-length image of Harris standing on an overly long pink drape against a green backdrop -- isn’t the one her team expected to make the front of the magazine’s print edition.

Harris’ camp instead thought the photo of Harris used for Vogue’s digital edition -- depicting her in a baby-blue Michael Kors Collection pantsuit -- would be chosen for the print edition, too, the source allegedly said.

Vogue sources denied this to The Post.

The veep-elect insisted against Vogue styling her, with Harris’ clothes, hair and makeup decided by her camp, sources said.

“Both looks were selected by the VP-elect and her team,” the source said.

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