Just like Cee-C, Nengi also vows never to advertise any 'kayanmata' product

Just like her colleague Cee-c, Rebecca Hampson popularly known as Nengi has also vowed never to advertise any ' Kayanmata' product.

She made this known in a chat with Potpourri promising it will never happen. Hear her;

''My answer is capital no. Is aphrodisiac not all those Kayanmata stuff? No, I can’t do aphrodisiac. My moral foundation wouldn’t be in tandem with such brands. It is a free world but my sense of value and brand cannot associate with such.

''Firstly, I’m trying to expand my brand, I’m trying to make sure it is a well-known name, so it’s more or less like I am trying to improve myself as a brand.

''I think I always knew I was really misunderstood. But what I discovered about myself is that I am actually more than I think. I know how much self-doubt I had going into the house. But going into the house and seeing myself thriving in so many aspects, the games, the tasks… it changed my mindset about myself. Yes, I believed in myself, but right now the belief is way more than it used to be.''

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