Tragedy as vibrant 21-year old mom 'takes her life' after battling with mental health

A 'vibrant' mother-of-one 'took her own life' just nine days before Christmas after battling with her mental health, her friends say.

Casey Thornhill, 21, who had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), died last Wednesday.

Ms Thornhill, from Beighton, Sheffield, leaves behind a family, her boyfriend, and her three-year-old son Noah.

Family friend Rachel Jackson has set up a memorial fund to help Noah which has already raised more than £17,500.

Rachel said: 'She was a lovely person, vibrant and full of life. She had some really good friends and most of all she was a fantastic mum.

'I lived opposite her mum so watched Casey grow up. She had troubles from being a teenager. Her mum Julia fought to get her the right help and Casey did too once she became an adult.

'She was eventually diagnosed with BPD, borderline personality disorder, and since then she has been fighting for the right treatment.

'She had just started treatment before her death, but obviously it was just too late for her.

'At the time she was in a really good place and recently had her nails done and bought Christmas PJs for the family.

'But one thing that people don't realise with BPD is that changes can happen really quickly.'

Ms Thornhill's mother, Julia Guest, has said that she wants to raise awareness of the illness so that others suffering from it can get help.

Some of the symptoms of the illness include emotional instability, disturbed patterns of thinking or perception, impulsive behaviour, and intense but unstable relationships with others.

Rachel said: 'We found out on Wednesday night and it really upset us.

'There's not much you can do in this situation so we thought that we would set up a fundraiser that will help Noah in the future.

'We also wanted to help raise understanding of the illness. Casey wanted help, she knew she was ill and she just wanted to be okay for Noah.

'But the illness can make things happen really quickly and suddenly.

'It really was a tragic ending.'

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