COVID-19: Seven quarantined in Niger state

The Niger State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Makunsidi Muhammad has disclosed that seven people in the state are currently on quarantine for coronavirus.

Briefing newsmen in Minna, Makunsidi said that out of the seven people, one is in Suleja while six others in Minna.

He explained that the one in Suleja is exhibiting the symptoms of coronavirus and had to be taken into quarantine while one of those in Minna just returned from the UK.

The other five cases, Makunsidi said, had contact with someone that has a confirmed case of coronavirus and they had to be quarantined.

“The other five cases confirmed that they had contact with someone who has been confirmed to have coronavirus and was in Minna. After he was confirmed, they decided to submit themselves for quarantine.”

The Commissioner said that the government remains resolute in the curfew of 8am to 8pm saying that it would go a long way in reducing contacts with individuals.

“We know we live in close proximity with Abuja and since we cannot stop people from coming into Minna, this is the only preventive measure we can take to ensure that the spread of coronavirus in Niger state does not occur.”

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