Saturday, December 14, 2019

Mystery audio message from plane that crashed 'killing all 38 on board'

An audio message reportedly sent by a crew member of a disappeared plane is at the centre of an investigation into its whereabouts.

On Monday a Hercules C-130 took off from Chabunco in the south of Chile and flew towards the Antarctic Chilean base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva.

Just over halfway into the 745mile trip the plane lost contact with operators.

Now Chilean authorities are investigating an audio message sent by one of the crew members who said the aircraft was suffering "an electrical failure" and that the "itinerary should be followed until landing in the white continent".

The Chilean ship Antarctic Endeavour found the debris, which authorities believe may be from the petrol tanks of the wings of the plane.

Human remains were also found.

Jose Fernandez, the Intendant of the Chilean region of Magallanes, told local media: "In the afternoon, the Air Force informed us of some news that shocked us; the finding of bodies in the Drake Passage and also part of the fuselage belonging to the missing plane."

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