Thursday, October 24, 2019

People who work longer hours are far more likely to go bald - new study

Working long hours may be beneficial for your bank account but it could be bad news for your hair.

A new study has discovered career success may come at a price after finding that people who work more than 52 hours a week are twice as likely to go bald.

Research into the links between longer working hours and hair loss has taken results from 13,000 men in South Korea, where its commonplace to far exceed 40 hours at work each week.

The stress that comes with working longer hours can cause a hormonal change in the scalp and inhibit the growth of hair follicles, as reported by LadBible .

Previous research has also shown that stress causes our immune system to attack hair follicles.

The people behind the study are now urging employers to be more considerate with hours their workers are allowed to put in, arguing that not only can it lead to hair loss but also a string of other negative side effects.


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