Jilted bride sells off wedding dress after groom left her for their wedding planner

A jilted bride has revealed she is selling her unworn dress after her fiancé left her for their newlywed wedding planner.

Donna Bettiss, 28, from Horsham, West Sussex was left devastated after partner James Routledge, 30, dumped her just weeks before their big day in 2018.

James left his wife-to-be to start a relationship with work colleague Paige Hannington, 27, who had helped the couple organise and plan their wedding. 

Donna is now selling her unworn £1,800 wedding dress to get rid of 'bad memories'.

Paige would meet up with Donna to drink cocktails and discuss the wedding, with Donna describing her as a 'massive help'.

The wedding planner was herself a newlywed and dumped her husband to start the relationship with James.

Donna and James got engaged six months after meeting in a nightclub.

Donna has a new partner and wants to forget her aborted 2018 wedding by selling her dress.

She explained that she had left it at her uncle's house until recently but it is now in her wardrobe and she wants to get rid of it because there are 'too many bad memories'. 

James and Paige are now engaged and have a daughter together.

They said that they were both unhappy in their previous relationships.

Photographer Paige added: 'I told many friends I wanted to end my marriage, and I did. I saw James at work two or three days later and he told me he had left Donna. Nothing happened for four or five weeks.

'James was quite fair. I wish Donna happiness.'

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