Girl, 18, who goes to live with her boyfriend is beaten so badly she is left permanently brain damaged

A teenager was left with a fractured skull and permanent brain damage after her boyfriend nearly beat her to death.

Megan McPartlin, 18, has bravely spoken out about the horrific injuries inflicted by her controlling ex Aaron Worthington, 23.

They were celebrating New Year’s Eve at their home when he knocked Megan unconscious and punched her to a pulp. Megan couldn’t walk after the attack and suffered three brain injuries, fractures to her right eye and face and a bleed on the brain.

It took surgeons five hours to remove pieces of her broken skull and replace it with a metal plate, saving her life. Seven months later, the brave carer says she is still in pain and can feel the metal screws in her head.

She believes she’s ‘lucky to be alive’ but wants other victims of abusive relationships to know that ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’.

Remembering the brutal attack at their home in Chorley, Lancashire, she told ‘It was 5am on New Year’s Day and we’d been drinking.

‘He hit me once and I kicked him. He hit me again and it all went black. ‘Then I woke up and he wouldn’t get me an ambulance, he was calling me “dramatic”.

‘Then my neighbour came round and called one. It turned out I had a bleed on the brain and had hours on my life.’

Worthington was arrested after Megan’s family phoned the police from her bedside in hospital.

He was jailed for 27 months at Preston Crown Court last month after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm (GBH) without intent.

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