Soyinka’s son writes Tonye Cole an open letter over window seat saga

For the past few days on social media, there have been a huge debate about if a young man who asked Professor Wole Soyinka who sat on his plane seat to leave was right or not.
It has been a debate that is yet to be resolved. Prof. Wole Soyinka’s son, as now decided to wade in and make Nigerians know his stand. He wrote an open letter to Tonye Cole, who made the incident public on his instagram page, thanking Mr Cole for standing up for his father and ofcourse for ‘respect’ which is almost going into extinction in Africa.

According to Olaokun, the passenger who owned the seat had a right to demand his seat but the elder is "entitled to some deference or respect." He also expressed his irritation on social media warriors. The full letter below…

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