Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Paris Hilton reveals she owns 800 wigs and often uses them for disguise

Paris Hilton says she owns 800 wigs. The 38-year-old socialite loves to change her appearance and finds putting a hairpiece that's different to her long blonde tresses the best form of disguise when she wants to go out without being recognized.

'I probably own like, 800 wigs,' The Simple Life vet to Entertainment Tonight. 'I have every single colour, every style.

'I used to wear them to Disneyland and other places. If I'm ever in a certain country or I want to just like, go undercover, I'll just put on like, a short black wig and just go undercover and be in disguise.'

The star also uses them to look like other celebrities. She has a short blonde wig to look like Marilyn Monroe for a music video.

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