Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Model 'accidentally' shows off more than he planned in cheeky beach photoModel 'accidentally' shows off more than he planned in cheeky beach photo

A model revealed a little more than he was expecting after posting a very cheeky photo on social media.

Nick Youngquest joked about a new partnership with Tourism Portugal and shared a n-ked photo of himself by the sea with his 90,000 Instagram followers. 

While he covered up his private area with a Portuguese flag emoji, there was one key detail he completely missed.

The caption read: "Amazing to announce a partnership with Tourism Portugal!⁣

"Not really, just had no shorts after my surf today.⁣

"All things aside, clearly I activated full blogger mode, but this coast is something special!⁣"

Can you spot the x-rated detail in the photo?

His fans were quick to spot it and took to the comments section to discuss.

One wrote: "Once you see it, you can’t unsee...and I ain’t complaining."

Another added: "Hahaha brother!! Was leaving the shadow a tactical play??!!"

A woman simply wrote: "Well hello shadow."

Others tagged their friends in, with one writing: "Check out the shadow. You’re welcome x"

But others were convinced, saying it was just a prank and Nick had faked the whole thing.

One wrote: "Ahahaha yeah of course it’s a fake shadow."

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