Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Keith Flint Reportedly Begged Estranged Wife Several Times Before Taking His Own Life

Keith Flint called his estranged wife and pleaded for a reconciliation in the days before he apparently took his own life, it has emerged.

The Prodigy front man is even understood to have delayed the sale of the couple's £1.5million country pile in Essex in hopes of winning back Japanese DJ Mayumi Kai, from whom he split last year.

'Keith always hoped they could make it work and he made various phone calls to her, pleading with her,' said a source as it was claimed the Firestarter star was found hanged in his Essex mansion by an employee on Monday morning.

'But she didn't change her mind and insisted they sell the house. It broke Keith.

'Mayumi isn't to blame but it seems that Keith didn't think he could carry on without her,' the source told The Sun.

The 15th century farmhouse was listed for sale just days ago.

It comes as exclusive photos reveal that Keith was 'happy' about running a personal best time during a last supper at his local on Saturday just hours before he took his own life.

The singer and dancer was seen casually dressed and joking with other diners as he bought lunch for his personal trainer. He even asked his trainer's permission to take a few bottles of beer and cider home with him afterwards.

He was sat next to an unlit fire, prompting the photographer to initially joke about whether he was going to be a Firestarter again as he sang in his 1990s hit which made Prodigy a household name.

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