Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Business Class Passenger Delays Flight For FIVE Hours With Tantrum Over Meal

There are several reasons why your flight may be delayed. Adverse weather is a big one, as are technical difficulties. Now we can all add "passenger hissy fit" to the list too, lol.

This is what happened on a recent Air Canada flight, when one charming individual in Business Class caused delays of FIVE HOURS, eventually getting kicked off.

The reason? His preferred meal option wasn't available.

The diva-like behaviour all began when the male passenger discovered there were no gluten free or meat-free meals.

According to  Canada’s CTV , he told crew that he could not eat meat or wheat.

One of his fellow passengers witnessed the escalating commotion and told the news site that while he didn't appear intoxicated, he was being rude to staff on board the flight from Vancouver to Toronto.

They said: "He was very calm and was like, 'If I don't get fish, there will be a problem. One way or another, I will get my fish, either you serve it to me or I will serve it to myself'."
Cue, massive delays while the crew tried to placate him, before serving the other Business Class passengers.

Eventually he got removed from the flight.

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