Monday, January 21, 2019

Lizzy Anjorin Hints Alaafin Can Only Marry A Virgin, Denies Being His Wife!

Lizzy Anjorin has hinted Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Adeyemi can only marry a virgin denying being Kabiyesi's wife. The Alaafin had attended Liz's ceremony where she was crowned as the the Borokini Adini of Nigeria. After the event, people went into conclusion, that the actress and mom of one was the latest Olori in his palace. Liz has now addressed that rumour, saying she is only his daughter. Hear her;

''Instanbul ..done 👍👍who noticed that I resemble BAAMI (MY FATHER ) (IKU BABA YEYE ALAFIN OF OYO).. For those that are curious that maybe am his wife.. For your information ,he can't marry a woman that is not a virgin..Alafin is not OBA shakushaku ..For those that don't like me or pick on me it's because your internal and spiritual eyes are not functioning...A born ruler and authentic king can easily identify his/her fellow young or old and the chemistry always work like a magic.....Save your energy from curiosity and pray for who will love you like that. Just leave me and that baba alone. His love for me is something I can't explain because am too young and I no get kobo for hand ..He is the one giving me and it shows my parent are not sleeping ...Abeg help tell him that his daughter(Princess Lizzy Anjorin aishat eganmidogo Adeyemi)is heading to Italy.. Spain
To buy wosiwosi a princess that want her father to be proud of her...I need to work well'

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