Model Cries Out After Ihe iPhone She Bought & Shipped To Nigeria Was Replaced With A Pack Of Pen

A Nigerian model who resides in Abeokuta has taken to social media to cry out after an iphone 6s she bought from the UK was tampered with. She got the phone and decided to ship it down to Abeokuta, but when the package was opened, she met a pack of blue biros instead. It's not even funny. The girl has been saying she doesn't have a big god o (baba isae) and wants justice! What she wrote on her IG page below...

Everything about this country is messed up. Got a brand new iPhone 6s from the UK and decided to bring it down here through DHL while my mates are buying iPhone X,XMax,i decided to cut my coat according to my size,bought what i could afford.

I could have used UPS,FEDEX or any other courier service,but i chose DHL thinking they won’t disappoint,they are good and trustworthy.After paying ₦18,000 to bring it down here.DHL brings a letter on Monday,8th(the estimated day of delivery) saying i had custom dues and other dues to pay amounting to ₦21,632,that’s about ₦40,000 altogether.

Just for the package to arrive on Wednesday,10th and instead of seeing an iPhone 6s,Lo and behold it was a pack of blue biro,i know it is very funny.This is so unfair and cruel,i don’t know who did this or how it happened . I don’t know anyone,I’m not popular but I just hope justice prevails,i can’t have sleepless nights,gather money for months just for someone to take something that belongs to me. I don’t have a big god o edakun😂😭😭😭😭
Tracking number is 8034930330

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