Pregnant Woman Lands In Jail For Assaulting Husband’s Girlfriend

A pregnant woman has been sentenced to two years in jail with an option of fine for assaulting her husband’s girlfriend.

The plight of the woman came to light on Saturday when Ghanaian journalist, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng shared her story on his Facebook page in a bid to raise the fine, so she can regain her freedom.

Kwarteng said, he met the pregnant lady, whom he didn’t identify at the Nsawam Female Prison in Ghana, “she has been convicted for 2 years with a 5 months old pregnancy and came into the prison with her one and a half-year-old son.”

He shared her offence;  “She tells me her “husband” brought in his girlfriend into the house and gave the lady her dress to wear. She couldn’t believe what was unfolding in her eyes and could not contain the humiliation.

She confronted the lady and a fight ensued. In the course of the struggle, she hit the lady with a sandal she laid hands on and was jailed for assault. Since coming to prison, this so-called husband has never visited her. “

The journalist, who works with a broadcasting company in Ghana called for a review of the law on sentencing of pregnant women. He added that she had a fine of “1400 Ghs to pay and another 2000 for the injuries caused to her attacker, making it 3400 Ghs in all to secure her release.”

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