Prostitute claims all men will cheat if given the opportunity including those in happy marriages

An escort claims all men will stray and cheat on their wives if given the opportunity - even if they are in happy marriages.

Samantha X, as she is known, brands herself as a high-class escort who says she comes across all types of men in her line of work.

Real name Amanda Goff, she insists that no matter how busy, overworked or powerful a man is, he will make cheating a priority if he wishes to do so.

Samantha X said it was "an absolute fact", adding: "In my profession as a high-class escort, I see a whole range of men. Single young men, widowed men, divorced men, men in wheelchairs, men who are terminally sick, criminals, cops, politicians – every type of man. (And I love them all)."

In her experience, Samantha said she places married men into three categories - those who don't have sex with their wives, those who love their wives but need variety, and those who are in an incredibly happy marriage - despite their infidelity.

Samantha said: " It doesn’t matter how good the marriage is, how happy you are, (or think you are), what a great father he is, what a great provider and you still have sex every Tuesday and a regular date night, men still stray.

"I’m not saying all men of course, but I am saying enough to keep the adult industry recession proof."

With those who have no intimacy at all with their partner, she said they can seem like a "walking credit card".

But when it comes to those who love their wives, she said they are usually just looking for "variety".

However, the most complex of her clients are those who are genuinely happily married men.

She said she finds it hard to comprehend how men can cheat on their wives while devoted to them - but said she realises we do not live in a "perfect world".

Samantha claimed the type of men who use s3x workers are not the same type of men to have affairs as they "don't want the headache".

She said these men do not want to hurt their wives or destroy their marriage.

On her own personal perceptions of a long-term relationship, Samantha said she would not be "able to to say with one man for 40 year"".

She added: "I see, hear and meet enough married men as Samantha, to put me off saying 'I do' for life."

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