US releases 300 out of 680 arrested in massive immigration raid at Mississippi

US immigration officials say they have temporarily released about 300 people who were arrested in a massive raid in Mississippi on Wednesday.

Nearly 700 workers from seven agricultural processing plants were arrested for allegedly not having proper documentation to be in the US.

The raids sparked condemnation from Democrats as stories emerged of children separated from their parents.

Officials say they took steps to ensure any children were properly cared for.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said "approximately 680 removable aliens" had been detained during the operation, which saw agents arriving in buses to question and arrest workers at the plants.

President Donald Trump had announced an immigration crackdown in June, saying "millions of illegal aliens who [had] found their way into the US" would be removed.

ICE spokesman Bryan Cox told the BBC that, of the 680 people arrested in Wednesday's raids, more than 300 had been released with notices to appear before immigration judges.

"They were placed into proceedings before the federal immigration courts and will have their day in court at a later date," he said in an emailed statement.

Those who were not released will be moved to an ICE detention facility and held there, Mr Cox said.

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