Man bets his wife after allegedly running out of money which led to his wife being r-ped TWICE

A man who lost a gambling bet during a game with friends allegedly let his pal and a relative r-pe his wife after he ran out of money.

The woman, whose name is not known, lived near to the Zafarabad police station in the Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India.

She claimed that her husband had been drinking at the time and that his friend Arun and relative Anil would come to their home often, reports NDTV.

Local reports said that after the gang-r-pe the woman went to her uncle's house. It is not known when the alleged crime took place.

However the husband followed her to the new address and admitted he had made a mistake by betting her.

The woman is said to have agreed to return home with her husband after hearing his apology.

She alleged that while on the drive home he stopped their car and let his friends gang-r-pe her once more. 

At first officers would not file a report of the r-pe, but they did eventually register a First Information Report after she went to a local court. 

When the woman approached the court it is said to have ordered officers to register a case of gang-r-pe.

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