Heartbreaking pictures of deer covered in large tumours caused by HPV (photos)

I know this might irritate some, bit there's more to life... so see. A Minnesota photographer unexpectedly captured a deer covered in tumors as she shot portraits in a field and a nature official described it as one of the worst cases she'd seen in 15 years.

Julie Carrow pictured the animal that was covered in so many growths she was unable to see its eyes and it turns out the condition stems from papillomavirus, which is more commonly known as HPV in humans.

Images of the creature gazing at the camera sparked such a big reaction online that locals were desperate to catch up with it in case it needed help.

Various angles Carrow snapped show the lumps on the deer's face, neck, chest, belly, legs and rear.

Carrow posted on Facebook writing: '1) has anyone see this little guy around town and 2) can anything be done to help him. This to me is just heartbreaking.'

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